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Soils around the world are degrading rapidly because of poor land management practices and land-use change policies – a phenomenon known as desertification. This is serious problem that threatens the well-being of our planet to sustain the natural balance of life. It also threatens our ability to grow food using conventional methods that many generations before us have depended on.

Degraded soils are poor in quality, have very little organic carbon and lack the nutrients required to support plant health. Soil regeneration is a practice to reverse degraded and/or poor quality soils back to healthy and productive soils.

“Give me agriculture, I give you civilization”

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AlNahyan, rest upon his soul
The Founding father of the U.A.E

De L’Arta SOIL focuses on soil regeneration practices in arid climates. De L’Arta uses a combination of complementary regeneration practices but the main focus is on the adoption of sustainable open-field farming practices, the use of desert plants as soil vegetation cover and the up-cycling of organic waste into specialized compost suitable for arid soil.

De L’Arta SOIL research farm is located in Masdar City and is supported by Masdar, Howard Finley AlKhaleej, Rain Bird International and Green Mountains.

Stay tuned for further details on De L’Arta SOIL specialized compost products and research services.