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De L’Arta SKIN was born as a result of scientific curiosity

How can desert plants survive in the harsh environment of the U.A.E?

How can desert plants grow with very little water?

How can desert plants survive on poor quality soil? How can they tolerate the heat?

Astonishingly, these plants can survive and even flourish in the desert’s harsh environment because of their robust physiology and extraordinary chemistry. De L’Arta SKIN makes use of phytochemicals extracted from desert plants in the U.A.E to produce a range of natural skin care products.

De L’Arta SKIN products are formulated using patent pending desert botanical extracts aimed to hydrate and clarify skin while also providing protection against premature aging caused by environmental pollutants.

Best of all, De L’Arta SKIN products are sustainably sourced, affordable and hand-made with love in the U.A.E.

De L’Arta SKIN retail outlet and formulation lab are located in Masdar Park.

Keep your skin tuned for De L’Arta SKIN product launch!